Gettin’ Jiggy

We recorded our disco, ceilidh, rap mash-up Gettin’ Jiggy Wit the BCC as a charity single for the 2018 OxJam Festival. We’ve been known to play it live too!

To quote MC Gutsy Gal:

We hail from Beeston, well that’s most of us
J & M are from the so called West Side
Our heartbeat he’s the only wildcard
From way, way out West
Where the drummers are the best

We’ve got Steve on the mic, you know what he’s like
He rocks the mic, he really rocks the mic
With his soft Southern patter, his instructions and his jokes
That he scatters through his well-practised narrative
We know the text, we know what’s coming next
We’re the Beeston Ceilidh Collective

We play for dance, D-D-D-D-dance,
That’s really not by chance, really not by chance
We make the space and we fill up the place
With the sound of our music we’ve been a choosin’, choosin’, choosin’

The tunes are Jacksons Reel and The Tap Room.

The musicians are:

Milli Galgut, Fiddle

Juliet Woodin, Concertina

Penny Benford, Whistle

Steve Benford, Banjo, Guitar

Phil Langran, Guitar

Mark Walker, Bass

Andy Inns, Bodhran

Arrangement, programming and mixing by Steve Benford

Thanks to Chic, Rapper’s Delight and Will Smith for inspiration